How to Prepare for a Tattoo Appointment

Get a good night’s sleep the day before your tattoo and eat well before your appointment. Drink lots of water the day before and of your tattoo so you stay hydrated. You are welcome to bring bottled water. Do not consume alcohol 24hrs before or after getting tattooed as it thins your blood. Coffee and energy drinks should be avoided before your appointment as well since they temporarily increase blood pressure, plus you want to be relaxed and able to sit still for your tattoo.

Please arrive on time, showered and not sunburned. Wear appropriate clothing to be tattooed; this consists of clean, comfortable clothes that allow your artist easy access to the area you’ll be getting tattooed. Be aware that ink stains on your clothing can occur during the tattoo procedure, so don’t wear your favourite clothes. For your own added protection against infection (and consideration of your artist being in close proximity to you) please arrive recently bathed/showered without fragrance or lotion applied to the area you’ll be getting tattooed. Sunburns, cuts or damage to the tattoo area will likely require rescheduling your tattoo appointment or changing the tattoo location.

If you are getting sick, or are sick, please call us ahead of time to reschedule your appointment. Don’t come in to get tattooed when you are sick! If you show up sick, or showing symptoms, you will be asked to leave immediately and your deposit will be forfeited.

We do not accept debit or credit cards so please bring the required amount of cash to your appointment, or be ready to send an e-transfer at the end of your appointment. Your artist will go over aftercare instructions with you and provide you with a printed aftercare sheet to take home, as well as aftercare ointment.